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The prices on our website include taxes; These may vary depending on the exchange rate of the Official Federal Gazette, the variation of the currency (s), the effect of inflation that is occurring, and due to the increase in costs to provide the service.


The payment method used by Fluid Control México® and its affiliate brands is BanRegio's Lightbox, all payments can be made easily, quickly and safely.


We grant credits to our business partners depending on the volume of constant purchase, that is, the business partner can enjoy the different types of credit we offer from 15 days according to the purchase volume.

Through a credit application, the business partner may attach their data to request their credit line, once Fluid Control México® and its affiliate brands are received, they will notify the type of credit granted.

To any business partner that requires any line of credit with Fluid Control México®and its affiliated brands our Credit and Collection department will make a query to the credit bureau to discard any debit.

The business partner beneficiary of its line of credit with Fluid Control México® and its affiliate brandswill have access to an independent portal (B2C) enjoying a lower price list for the type of line of credit acquired, in turn, the partner The business must comply with the requirements set forth in the credit application to maintain its current line of credit.


All invoices are generated at the moment of finalizing the sales order (or request), verify that the data that you append is correct, once the invoice is issued, it cannot be canceled or re-invoiced.

SK-LOK®, one of Fluid Control México's affiliate brands , is the company that generates the electronic invoices for any purchase made through the website with SME170925S56 and fiscal address: Calle Palmeras # 636, Frac. Jardines de Virginia, Ver. C.P. 94294.

The fiscal files (PDF and XML) will be sent to the email registered in your purchase, once the sales order (or request) is finished, they will be ready to print. In case you do not receive your fiscal files (PDF and XML) by means of your email in the next 48 hours after the purchase, you can communicate with us via live chat through the website or by half of our Call Center in the area of Customer Service at 01 229 920 38 98 ext. 825, in a schedule of  Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Or to request the emails: and  


The availability of any product will be shown in the description of it, so you can place the amount you want from that item to proceed with your sales order (or request). Product availability updates are applied every 24 hrs.

All information regarding the availability of products is taken into account as estimated, that is, when you make your sales order (or request), we will send a notification to your email confirming receipt of the same. In case that during the process of your sales order (or request), any of the products chosen by the user will not be available at the time, no charges will be generated, except for the other products or it will be notified by Written any change and the client must decide if he wants to wait for the product to exist or if he wants to cancel the order of those not existing at the moment.

For the products on request, an executive will contact you directly to inform about the estimated delivery dates, this depends if it is national or import, for this the payment of the total product is required to ensure the purchase and thus request the transfer of the same.

For sales orders (or request) that have been applied with the form of payment months without interest and that these products are not available, we will give you the option of waiting for it, confirming by an email the date commitment of delivery or we will refund the amount paid. This process is only applicable in the next 48 hours after placing your sales order (or request) and you have received some notification from Fluid Control México® and its affiliate brands  of the situation. 


All shipping will be paid by the customer, using an estimate attached to the sales order (or request) depending on the area or postal code of delivery and added to the list of products of your choice.

The estimated time of product delivery is a maximum of 7 business days after the confirmation of your purchase and product of national type. For the products of import depends on its complexity, same that we will be informing the status of journey.

The delivery address of your product is according to the data that you attached when processing your sales order (or request), in case you notice a problem when you exceed the delivery time of your product, you can communicate directly with the parcel that you have previously chosen the shipment. With FedEx to the number 01 800 00 333 39 or consult the status through your guide number in option to track. With Tres Guerras to the number 01 800 710 8352 or consult the status through your guide number at

All products are packaged and labeled by Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands  to take care of it and protect it from the applied routes.

The shipping process begins considering the time of the day in which the confirmation of the purchase is made, depending on this your order can be processed the same day or until the next business day.

The working days are from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 pm, according to the provisions of the law are considered non-working days: January 1, Monday corresponding to February 5, Monday corresponding to March 21, Thursday and Good Friday, May 1, September 16, Monday corresponding to November 20 and December 25. You can check the FedEx privacy notices at the following link / or in Tres Guerras


Any product selected in your sales order (or request) is under your responsibility, that is, if you made an order for a product by mistake, it will not be accepted.

The hose or tubing, once cut, no changes or refunds are accepted.

In the case of assemblies, once any type of hose has been assembled in all its presentations, no changes or refunds are accepted.

Depending on the type of product to be returned due to a manufacturing defect, the type of product and brand will be analyzed to verify whether it is suitable for its change or return, as we adhere to the exchange and refund policies of each supplier and / or brand and these establish the procedures.

All items that contain any electrical part, are tested before shipment, and are sent in perfect condition, so that your warranty is not applicable if they fail to be delivered. In this case, it is suggested to carry out tests on the products in front of the delivery personnel of the parcel of your choice and do what corresponds to your presented situation.

Any hit, packaging manipulation or alteration that the product presents by moving to your destination, you should take pictures of how you are receiving it and you can verify it directly with the parcel of your choice. FedEx to the number 01 800 00 333 39 or through its page With Tres Guerras to the number  01 800 710 8352  or through its page


Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands   are committed to comply with all laws and regulations that apply to money laundering.  Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brandsdo not lend themselves illegally to obtaining any financial fund of illicit origin.

Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands  comply with the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illegal Origin and its secondary regulation, for this reason, Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands  will not accept any relationship with companies that misuse or illicit financial fund.

All this based on the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illegal Origin (LFPIORPI) in force since July 17, 2013 that identifies different procedures in order to detect operations that involve illegal resources, which translates in greater vigilance on the part of the authority in all financial and commercial transactions that are carried out. And the addition of fraction XVI to article 17, Chapter 1, Article 2 that says: The purpose of this Law is to protect the financial system and the national economy, establishing measures and procedures to prevent and detect acts or operations involving resources of provenance illicit, through inter-institutional coordination, whose purpose is to gather useful elements to investigate and prosecute the crimes of operations with resources of illegal origin, those related to the latter, the financial structures of criminal organizations and avoid the use of resources for your financing.


Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands  are prohibited from offering, receiving, authorizing and / or providing any kind of bribes to any person or company. 

Fluid Control México® and its affiliate brands do not practice bribes to clients or suppliers improperly influencing to obtain an illegal mutual benefit or to maintain a commercial relationship. Every employee of Fluid Control México® and its affiliate brands is prohibited from offering or receiving any kind of bribery from clients and / or suppliers, including third parties, in order to obtain benefits for their person or company.

Any employee of Fluid Control México® and its affiliate brands that accepts bribes or requests objects or any type of material of value to suppliers, clients or third parties will be discharged from the company being the only responsible to receive the weight of the law and Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands disclaims all responsibility for any cost or adverse effect.

Those who incur bribes, influence peddling and improper use of resources will receive administrative and criminal sanctions ranging from a fine to the dissolution of the company with the entry into force of the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities, better known as Law Law 3 of 3 .

Bad practices that include business operations with public or private money, including illegal payments to officials or fraud, will be sanctioned.


Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands  are not responsible for links with third parties or the misuse of their products, for the manufacture of instruments, weapons or explosives, indirectly or directly linked to terrorism, that attempt against the life of people or public roads. Fluid Control México®and its affiliated brands recognize and become aware of the anti-terrorism laws and policies that are applicable.

Article 139A penalty of imprisonment from six to forty years and up to a thousand two hundred days will be imposed, without prejudice to the corresponding penalties for the resulting crimes, to which using toxic substances, chemical, biological or similar weapons, radioactive material or instruments that emit radiation, explosives or firearms, or by fire, flood or any other violent means, perform acts against people, things or public services that produce alarm, fear or terror in the population or in a group or sector of it, to attack national security or to pressure the authority to make a determination.

The same sanction will be imposed on the person who directly or indirectly finances, contributes or collects economic funds or resources of any nature, with knowledge that they will be used, in whole or in part, in support of persons or organizations that operate or commit terrorist acts in the National territory.


The shipments handled by Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands will depend on the shipping option selected by the customer, based on their needs.

With FedEx shipments are made from 68 kg and / or 80kg, depending on the dimensions and volumetric weight of the package and up to one ton. With Tres Guerras its consolidated load is from 100 kg and up to 7 tons.

fortuitous event exists when the event that prevents compliance with the obligation was not foreseeable using a normal procedure, but, if it could have been avoided, it would have been carried out.



Article 22.- The License who fails to comply with the conditions agreed in the Waybill or Guide with the Sender, shall indemnify the latter in the terms of these Regulations or in the provisions of the Portfolio or Guide itself.

Article 23.- The permit holders of the parcel and carrier service, must contract an insurance that covers the civil liability incurred by the provision of the service. Art. 68 LCPAF

Article 24.- The License shall be responsible for the delay, loss, theft, loss, reason for the provision of parcel and carrier service, except in fortuitous cases or force majeure, damage, missing, destruction of packages or any other damage that may arise based on the terms of the applicable legislation and in particular, in accordance with the terms established in the Portfolio or Guide itself.

Article 25.- The Permit Holder shall compensate the Sender for the delay in the delivery of the packages in the terms established in the Bill of Lading or Guide. The compensation, for each day of delay, will be the equivalent of five days of the general minimum wage for Mexico City, in force on the date of the event, unless otherwise agreed to raise the amount of compensation.

The compensation for any of the other events indicated in the previous article Parcel and Carrier Regulations XLIII - 11 will be the equivalent to fifteen times the general minimum wage in force for Mexico City, on the date of the event, unless otherwise agreed to raise the amount of compensation.

The compensation provided for in this article is independent of the obligation to repair the damage provided for in article 1915 of the Federal Civil Code. The responsibility of the License begins from the reception or collection of the Package and ends until its delivery to the Recipient or the Authorized Third Party, or when the Package is withdrawn in compliance with an order from the competent authority. The corresponding claim will be subject as to its form and terms to the provisions of the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

Article 26.- The Permit Holder may offer the Sender an optional insurance from a legally authorized insurance company, or a certificate of guarantee issued by the Permit Holder based on the declared value of the Package object of the contract, means by which the Permit Holder will guarantee the respective payment in case of loss or destruction of the goods whose value was declared. In this case, the Sender must pay the License the additional charges, corresponding to the premium of the refered optional insurance or proof of guarantee. In the event that the Shipper purchases the optional insurance different from the one offered by the License, the that one will not be responsible for compliance with the respective insurance policy. Art. 68 LCPAF

Article 27.- The License (person providing the parcel and carrier service to third parties) or  Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands  will not be responsible for the delivery of parcel and carrier service, in the following cases:

  1. When the Package has been delivered in the terms agreed upon at the Recipient's address: II. For having expired one year from the date in which the License received the Package, without having been able to deliver it and no claim has been submitted by the Shipper;
  2. For loss or damage of the Package due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure; ;
  3. For packages confiscated by a competent authority;
  4. For packages damaged by inadequate packaging that has not been made by the License;
  5. For the damage suffered by the good contained in the Package, when said good, due to its own nature or due to bad packaging, it has been partially or totally damaged, Parcel and carrier Regulations XLIII - 12 provided that the service is provided in the conditions agreed by the Permit holder with the Sender, and…
  6. For delay, loss or damage suffered by the packages when the Shipper had provided incorrect or incomplete information in the Bill of Lading or Guide and this would have been the cause of the delay in the delivery, loss or damage of the Package.

Any heavy shipment will depend on the complexity that this may take to its destination. If you have any questions regarding this issue, you can consult directly with us at Call Center in the Customer Service area al 01 229 920 38 98 ext. 825