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Hydrostatic test

Hydraulic hoses , industrial according to ISO 1402-SAEJ517 with latest generation electronic equipment. From 1/8 "to 10" at 48,000 psi. Maximum.

Crimped and Swabbed

• Hydraulic hoses 1/8” a 4”
• Industrial 1/4 "to 10" Swabbed
•We comply with the specifications of the manufacturer and / or Client

Training and Field Service

We offer on-site training to users of thebrands We distribute for your good knowledge and correct way of use and good performance to support your activities.

Mining Sector

We are backed by almost two decades of experience and excellent service, as well as the satisfaction of our customers, counting a wide portfolio of loyal customers, industrial products leaders in the market with the highest quality, our staff is highly qualified and trained constantly with new technologies are developed, as well as our prompt response both in the budget proposal and in the assortment of the purchased products, since we have a first-class infrastructure, in the same way we are the only authorized distributors in the country for brand hoses Compotec.

What do we offer to the MINING SECTOR?

* Service of the highest quality

* Leading industrial products for the handling of abrasive or non-abrasive chemicals.

* Staff that can guide you based on your needs and thus provide personalized attention.