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Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands  guarantee for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase, the operation of the products and services covered in the invoice against any defect in the materials and labor used in its manufacture. Our warranty includes the repair, replacement or replacement of the product and / or components at no charge to the customer, including labor, as well as transportation costs. This guarantee does not apply under the following cases:

  • When the product has been used beyond its capacity, mistreated, beaten, exposed, negligently, wetted by any liquid or corrosive substance as well as any other fault attributable to the end user or consumer.
  • When the fault is caused by the natural wear of the products by use.
  • When the use, care and operation has not been according to the instructions of each product.
  • Once any type of hose has been assembled in all its presentations, no changes or refunds are accepted.
  • The hose or tubing, once cut, no changes or refunds are accepted.
  • Product failures will be inspected and sent to our supplier for technical analysis, sending in writing the causes of the same.
  • Once the product has been repaired or subjected to maintenance and the same present deficiencies attributable to the author of the repair or maintenance within thirty calendar days after delivery of the product, it will be repaired or maintained again at no cost.
  • All our assemblies have PH (Hydrostatic Tests) and quality certificate.
  • We are a company certified under ISO 9001: 2015 by ABS.

Warranty on electrical products: All items that contain any electrical part, are tested before shipment, within our warehouse (CEDIS) and are sent in perfect condition, so that your warranty is not applicable if you fail to deliver. In this case, it is suggested to carry out tests on the products in front of the delivery personnel of the parcel of your choice and do what corresponds to your presented situation.

Delivery guarantee: The shipping process starts considering the time of the day in which the confirmation of the purchase is made, depending on this, your order can be processed the same day or until the next business day.

No other verbal or written guarantee other than that expressed above shall be recognized by  Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands. The guarantee will be valid at the following address:

Tax residence:


KM 94

LOTE 16 Y 17




Federal Law for Protection of the Consumer

  • ARTICLE 77Any good or service that is offered with guarantee shall be subject to the provisions of this law and to the agreement between suppliers and consumers. For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the guarantee may not be less than sixty days from the delivery of the goods or the total provision of the service.  Paragraph added DOF  04-02-2004.
  • ARTICLE 79 The guarantees offered may not be inferior to those determined by the applicable provisions or prescribe conditions or limitations that reduce the rights that legally correspond to the consumer. 
  • ARTICLE 80Through official Mexican standards the Secretary may provide that certain products must be backed with a guarantee of greater validity as regards the supply of parts and spare parts, taking into account the durability of the product 
  • ARTICLE 81In the event that the product has been repaired or subjected to maintenance and the same present deficiencies attributable to the author of the repair or maintenance within thirty calendar days after the delivery of the product to the consumer, the latter shall have the right to be repaired or maintained again at no cost. If the term of the guarantee is greater than thirty calendar days, it will be within that period.
  • ARTICLE 82The consumer may choose to request the restitution of the good or service, the termination of the contract or the reduction of the price, and in any case, the bonus or compensation, when the thing or object of the contract has defects or hidden defects that the make it improper for the uses to which it is habitually intended, that diminish its quality or the possibility of its use, or do not offer the security that, given its nature, is normally expected of it and its reasonable use. When the consumer chooses the rescission, the provider has the obligation to refund the price paid. 


7. Guarantees

The guarantees offered by the suppliers must be written in the terms established in the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

Duration of the guarantee, which cannot be less than three months in the case of electrical and electronic products and, in the case of household appliances, cannot be less than one year.


The national manufacturers, importers or marketers responsible for the products referred to in this Official Mexican Standard, can only be exempted from making the guarantee effective in the following cases:

  • When the product has been used in conditions other than normal.When the product has not been operated in accordance with the instructions for use that accompany it.
  • When the product has been altered or repaired by persons not authorized by the respective national manufacturer, importer or marketer.