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The code of business conduct of Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands establishes that every employee must treat clients and / or suppliers with honesty and integrity, that is, the basic rules that we must all comply with. When selecting our suppliers we rely on the value they give in the goods supplied and the national and international standards that support them, in turn, the supplier receives the amount agreed and fair for the value of the good.

Any attempt to seek or acquire a consideration from an employee of Fluid Control México® and its affiliate brands is in breach of its principles and this code of business conduct, therefore, appropriate measures will be taken because of their action. To maintain a healthy business relationship in which everyone benefits, it is necessary to strictly carry out the code of business conduct on both sides; one, suppliers and two Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands including personnel from all areas and levels.

When reading this code of business conduct, you are agreeing to comply with the principles of it, and recognize as mandatory that it is part of the daily work. Any type of infraction with this code of conduct will not be tolerated. Non-compliance may refer to disciplinary actions that determine the employment relationship of Fluid Control México® and its affiliate brands. The following 12 key points are mentioned when complying with the Code of Business Conduct:

  1. Responsibility: taking responsibility for our behavior and actions is a rule in all aspects that we must be aware of our actions.
  2. Compliance: compliance with internal and external policies is mandatory, these may vary depending on the type of company but the objective remains the same.
  3. Violation of laws: Take into account that any violation of any law has the effect of fines, loss of reputation and criminal or personal penalties.
  4. Discrimination: Show respect at all times to co-workers, customers, suppliers and anyone related to our daily work, this includes; sexual harassment, race, color of skin, age, nationality, religion, disabilities, veterans, sexual orientation. You are bound to contribute to the creation of a harmonious and respectful work environment.
  5. Be fair: All negotiations with customers and suppliers must be clear and honest.
  6. Anticorruption: We will not participate in any situation that violates anti-corruption laws such as; bribes, extortion, theft or any illicit enrichment, illegal payment or benefits that influence the decision-making process. Nor will we offer gratuities, kickbacks, gifts or valuables in search of business opportunities.
  7. Interests: Before any possibility will be avoided in any situation or circumstance to generate a conflict of interest whether private or commercial. In case of detecting it, the pertinent measures will be taken before the situation.
  8. Brand use: Act responsibly in the use of brand Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands any effect, damage or prejudice that may be generated by the misuse of the brand, will be taken appropriate measures.
  9. Use of assets: The use of corporate assets such as equipment, vehicles, facilities, furniture, etc. It must be done with due care and responsibility.
  10. Socially Responsible Company: All commercial activity that is generated within Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands committed to offering safe products for the protection of health, safety and the environment.
  11. Data protection: Any database generated within the company Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands, this includes, personnel, customers, suppliers, products is solely owned by the company, any inappropriate use of the information will have its serious consequences.
  12. Confidentiality: It will not be allowed to neglect, reveal or steal the data or confidential information belonging to Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands. . All confidential information obtained by any commercial activity will be maintained with strict discretion, will not be disclosed or misused information.

Any anomaly detected in the aforementioned points will determine the situation between the employee and Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands and at the same time between suppliers and Fluid Control México® and its affiliated brands..